This page contains the various software I've developed, or am currently developing.


This Website

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I designed this website using Affinity Designer on iPad, and drew the illustration of myself with Procreate. I developed this website with Python on the Django MVC framework.

Gender Queeries

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I designed and built this simple website on the Wordpress content management system, for the radio show Gender Queeries on 100.5 FM: Vancouver's Co-Op Radio.


CHAR 9786

This is a game I am currently developing in the amazing and open-source Godot engine, using the Python programming language. Code, art, and animations are made by me. The demo linked above is playable in your browser.

Extreme Stopwatch

A simple iOS game that I developed and published, but is no longer available, because it wasn't worthwhile to continue paying to keep it up.

Browser Games

These are games I developed using Python on the CodeSkulptor engine. Note: the engine experiences some compatibility issues on various browsers from time to time. In particular, if sound doesn't work, try another browser.

Extreme Cave Chopper

This is a simple helicopter game I made in the Pico-8 fantasy console. What makes it extreme? Boulders fall on you! Yup, pretty extreme. Control with V, Z, and Left and Right arrows.